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Septic Service in Deerfield, NH

Welcome to Liberty Septic Service
Candia, NH

Septic Service Deerfield, NH

Committed to exceeding your expectations, our business prides itself on providing quality work in all of our services. You can rely on our professional staff to handle all of your drainage issues, from your septic tank to your grease trap problems, in no time.

We provide professional, dependable septic service, septic drain line cleaning, septic tank cleaning, septic tank pumping, septic repair & 24 hour emergency calls in Deerfield, NH and surrounding areas for residential and commercial customers requiring an affordable solution for septic system issues.

Septic Tank Cleaning Deerfield, NH

A septic system is a popular method of treating and disposing of household wastes if you are unable to tap into a municipal sewage disposal system. When waste water and solids are flushed down toilets or drains, they head to the septic tank, which filters out the solid material from the waste water. Within the tank, the solid material is free to naturally break down.

However, over time a portion of the waste that accumulates in your tank may not be metabolized by the bacteria the naturally occurs in the tank. This forms a sludge which runs the risk of forcing your tank to back up. Once this sludge gets to a certain point, then it's time to consider septic tank pumping.

We offer professional septic tank pumping for backed up septic systems!

24 Hour Emergency Service
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Septic Tank Pumping Deerfield, NH We understand that sewage accidents do happen! This can cause a major inconvenience to you and your family in terms of plumbing. If you start to notice slow pipe drainage, significant wet spots in the yard, a strong odor where your septic tank is located, or backed up toilets and sinks, these may be signs that you are in need of septic tank pumping. No one wants to wait long for their sewage and drainage issues to be resolved, which is why we offer 24 hours emergency service!

Regular septic tank pumping is necessary in maintaining a clog-free system that drains properly. Solid material must be removed before it reaches the discharge outlet and flows into the leach field due to the inability for a certain amount of it to biodegrade. If it is not successfully removed, it must be taken care of with septic tank pumping. Regular septic tank cleaning and the cleaning of your filter will prevent your system from backing up.

Septic Service Deerfield, NH

Septic System Care

  1. Be careful what you flush down your toilet or put down your drains.
  2. Limit the use of garbage disposals (they add too many solids and strain the capacity of the system).
  3. NO grease should ever go down the drains.
  4. Try to avoid harsh home care products. (they destroy biological activity in your septic system) Use as many environmental friendly home care products as possible.

Septic tank pumping should be done every 2 years and the filters cleaned every 6 months.

Septic Services

  1. Riser installations
  2. Baffles
  3. Unclog lines
  4. Broken pipes
  5. Power snake lines
  6. Clean filters
  7. Clean grease traps
  8. Back flushing
  9. Septic tank cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning Deerfield, NH Liberty Septic Service in Deerfield, NH offers a 2 year maintenance plan that will prevent costly repairs. It consists of a once a month treat for a different drain & toilet in your home. It puts good bacteria & enzymes into your tank to aid in breaking down waste products so they don’t end up in your leach field. It cleans pipes to the tank which prevent clogging. By scheduling regular septic tank cleanings, your septic tank will last much longer, and you will avoid serious flooding or sewage issues. Talk to our septic experts about how often to schedule a tank cleaning.

This does not replace regular septic tank pumping.

Why Call Liberty Septic Services?

  1. Family owned and operated
  2. Fully insured
  3. 25 years experience
  4. Competitive pricing
  5. Take pride in their work
  6. Courteous & Polite
  7. All phone calls returned within an hour

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Product Back
Liberty Septic Services
 (603) 483-0319

Products & Services

Liberty Septic Service offers septic tank pumping, septic tank cleaning, and septic repair services. We have a 24 hour septic tank emergency service, and will also unclog lines, repair broken pipes and clean grease traps. Ask about our monthly maintenance plan!

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